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Samantha Segee

2014 Valedictorian

 Recipient of the 2014 RI Lieutenant Governor's Leadership Award

 2013- 2014 Student Council President

May 2014 Visual Artist of the Month / 2014 Visual Artist of the Year

2012-2013 Student Council Treasurer / 2012-2014 Animation Club Vice President

March 2013, Visual Artist of the Month / 2011-2012 Sophomore Representative



Samantha is an alumni of Beacon Charter and is currently attending the University of Southern Maine. Her four years of artistic education had proven themselves to be challenging and wonderful.

Education is highly important to Samantha and she took all of her classes seriously and studiously. In doing so, she achieved high honors consecutively.

In her free time, besides making art and reading, Samantha was a part of the Student Council and Animation Club. [She also offered tutoring] 

                Her final year at Beacon came to a close on  June 11, 2014. 

 Samantha plans on going on to medical school after attaining a bachelor's degree in biology.

 You are welcome to browse through Samantha's Academic Locker.


Under the Extracurricular tab you may find some of Samantha's at home art projects as well as work from her sketchbook.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.