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From time to time, you will need resources to assist you in completing components of the Capstone project.  Please check back here frequently, as these sites will be updated regularly.


Your new best friend just might be Celtx.  This is free, yes free, software that will allow you to create many of the written components of your film.  Please visit www.celtx.com for details and download instructions.


In terms of movie information, it all starts with the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).  Find out key information about just about any film ever made, being made or being contemplated.


Other sites with film information:




www.oscar.com (Home of the Academy Awards)

www.afi.com (The American Film Institute)


When it's time to quote those sources, use www.easybib.com.


Then, of course, there's always www.youtube.com.


For details on how the Capstone course fits into the State of Rhode Island's Performance-Based Graduation Requirements, please visit http://www.ridoe.net/.../exh_060502.pdf.

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