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Hello and Greetings from Beacon Charter High School for the Arts!

Thank you for volunteering to serve as an evaluator for Beacon’s 2008 Senior Capstone projects.  All presentations take place at:

ROOM 304

In addition to all coursework, these culminating projects serve as a requirement under the State of Rhode Island’s graduation by proficiency system. 
The class of 2008 has put forth tremendous effort to prepare these film projects for your consideration.  I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some important information designed to make this experience rewarding for you and meaningful to our students.


Work on this project began back in October when the students developed a germ of an idea.  By the time you read this, they have taken that concept from a one sentence logline through four complete drafts of their screenplay.  With each major step along the way, students reflect on the process and are encouraged to push their personal limits to produce a truly original autobiographical film.


There will be seven judges on each panel.  Panels consist of artists, stakeholders in the Beacon community, educators, alumni and our arts faculty.  Each judge completes a rubric based on 100 points for each student.  The highest and lowest of the seven scores will be dropped.


Review of Online Materials

Prior to arriving for the presentations, it is expected that you review the students' written work.

Please print the attached rubric for each student and complete the first section ("Capstone Dossier") and possibly pieces of the second section ("Content") prior to the presentations.  There are fifteen components to the written work, and students should have posted each step in order on their Digication portfolio. (Refer to "Capstone Dossier Checklist" on page 2 of the rubric.) There is a lot to review.  If you have to prioritize, here is a suggested list:



I Am... - The student-artists first attempt at generating ideas about themselves.

Initial Thoughts - What was the student-artist thinking in October?

Logline/Three Sentences/Three Pararaphs - The evolution of the concept.

Script (particularly the First and Final Drafts)- What will you see on screen?

Summative Reflection - Student-artists reflect on the entire process.



Second and Third Drafts of Script

Production Breakdown Report- Provides "nuts and bolts" for each scene.

Individual Reflections-These are incorporated into the Summative Reflection.



Please try to develop at least one question for each student-artist.  Questions should evolve from your review of the online materials, the student film and/or the oral presentation.



Please bring all partially completed rurics with you on the day of the presentation.  Although you will have completed item 1, you will be given an opportunity to complete the remainder of the rubric after each presentation.  Students must earn a total score of 80 to meet the proficiency standard.  Students who do not successfully meet the standard will have to make corrections and present their films to members of Beacon's Board of Trustees at the beginning of June.


Award Nominations

As you view each film, please consider nominating it for one of the following awards.  Descriptions will be provided to you on your arrival and all nominations will be compiled at the end of the judging.  Awards will be presented in the following categories:


Achievement in Screenwriting

Achievement in Visual Arts

Achievement in Culinary Arts

Achievement in Theater Arts

Achievement in Cinematography

Achievement in Editing

Achievement in Production (overcoming obstacles, compiling resources, etc.)

Best Picture


Capstone Film Festival and Awards Presentations

Join us on Thursday, June 5th at 6 pm at the Stadium Theatre for our annual awards ceremony.  Like the Oscars, there will be nominees, winners and fun from our presenters.



If you have any questions or need support as you review the materials, please contact me at mrskeldon@aol.com.  Thank you again for giving your time to these student-artists!




 Rubric - Capstone Presentation 0708 rev 4.11.08.doc


 Description of Capstone Film Awards.doc


You may refer to my site to get an overview of the process.

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