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Michael Skeldon
MA, Mass Communication/Screenwriting, California State University Northridge

BA, Secondary Education/Social Science, Rhode Island College


Teacher/Academic Dean, Beacon Charter High School for the Arts, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 2004-Present


Co-Writer and Crew, "The Pitch" (directed by D.L. White), 2007

(2nd Runner-Up in Providence 48 Hour Film Festival)


Creator/Producer, Cable Access programs, 1995-1997


Screenwriter of five completed full-length screenplays


What can I say, other than I love my job?


The Capstone project can, at times, seem overwhelming.  The key thing is to create a film about something important.  Not important to me, the school, nor to your parents...  Important to you!


All I ask from you is a sincere effort and I will do everything possible to help you reach your goals.  The course can be tough, but it can also be the most fun you've ever had in school.  Keep up with the deadlines, try your best and...


Make the most of it!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.