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True Science Does't Always Work- comedy  

Script Written by: Alex keegan

Director: Alex Keegan|Ryan Silvia

Release date: No Data



(Clark) "What are you doing now?"

(Sully) "I am evolved to the works of my ingenious behavior"

(Clark) "What does that even mean?"

(Sully) "The Molecular bonds of a single cell is to outgoing to the natural oxygen cycle"

(Clark) "Yeah...So you going to play call of Duty with me or not?"

(Sully) "Play a video game? I childish video game that has no actual purpose" That kind of video game that has no true meaning and... Dude! its a dang video game"

(Clark) Why yes it is a video game, and that's where i lost you, maybe i can find someone else... Hey Jessica...

(Jessica) "Not happening Clark" I would never go on a date with you..."

(Clark) What!!? I didn't even ask... Oh well yeah.. i probably would ask you but..Hey why not?

(Sully) "I can see that this isn't going to end well so i am going to make a machine that will teleport me to the future..."

[Awkward silence] -Jessica and Clark look at one an other blankly-

[Sully just looks at his shirt and suddenly walks away]

(Clark) "What the heck was that about?"

(Jessica) "you said it, not me. haha i am sure there is a special someone for you..ha ha ha, sorry Clark but the only thing you could get a date from is your mother's friend Betty..."

(Clark) Not true...

(Jessica) "Dua yeah it is true...You have a better chance with one of Sully's Robots that runs on solar power, which means, no late night movies..."

(Clark) no way... but... do you wanna still play the game or not?

(Jessica) "Do you really think I am going to stoop down to your level and...

(Jessica) "Shut up Clark, Move your wide load over! I am going to kick your ass in this stupid game..."

(Clark) "What the!!..."

[Sully peeks his head out of his room and watches whats going on]

(sully) wow your really good at that game!

(Jessica) Hey...Clarrrrrk??? Booommm take that sucka!

(Clark) "What! How is that possible?"

(Jessica) "Oh yeah! I won, I won! oh Yeah!!! [Picks up the controller and throws it across the room and connects with Sullys face]

[Sully's Prebuilt solar pannel crashes to the floor and sully gets knocked out cold and meets the floor]

[Clark, looks stunned at what just happend]

(Jessica) "woops...Oh well...I am going to make some popcorn..Want some Clark?"

(Clark) "Sure why not" [they both leave the room while Sully is on the floor out cold]

[Joey who is one of Sully's geek friends walks in the room with a huge stack of superman comics and doesn't see Sully on the floor. He trips over the solar pannel and crashes to the floor]

----The old man a floor below starts hitting the ceiling with a broom stick and says "hey you dumb rejects!! Stop with your crap! Or i will come up there smack up and down the hallway...

[Clark and Jessica faint talkinf in the background...(Jessica) "So does this popcorn come in other flavors?"

(Clark) "Oh yeah its like really cool...like butter, chocolate, caramel some others that sound gross but...

(Jessica) "Wait wait, hold on.. "Hey you old fart down there, you better shut your mouth or my "boy friend here will kick your ass"

(Old man) "Oh yeah, Just wait!!"

(Clark) "I am your Boy friend?" Since when...Woah what! I can't fight!

(Jessica) "That could why you don't have a Girl friend..."

(Clark) "Why, this old dude is going to kick my ass!"

(Jessica) "Not my problem"



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.