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The Oedipus King

Translated by David Grene


-Oedipus is sensitive to the needs of his people





Aristotle (Tragedy and the tragic hero)


Notes by: Mr. Boland, typed by Alex Keegan



Aristotle's life:

  • Student of the philosopher plato
  • Teacher to Alexander the Great
  • Divided philosophical thought into ethics, physics, and logic


A general Definition of tragedy:

Any serious and dignified drama that describes a conflict between the hero(Protagonist) and a superior force(antagonist) that arouses pity or fear in the audience(catharsis)


Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude, in language embellished with each kind of artistic omament, the several kinds being found in separate parts of the play, in the form of action, not of narrative, through pity, and fear effecting the proper purgation of these emotions.


 Aristotle's poetics, Basic Concepts

  • Complex plots are better then simple ones
  • Suffering is to be included in a tragic plot which should end unhappily
  • The pity and fear from which the tragedy evokes, should come from the events. Not from the mere sight of something on stage


Recognition and Reversal:

  • Recognition: is a change from ignorance to knowledge
  • The New knowledge often identifies an unknown relative or dear ones whom the hero should cherish but was about to harm or has just harmed
  • Reversal is the change of a situation to it's opposite


Characteristics of the tragic Hero. the Character...

  • Is not all bad good or bad
  • Is of the noble class or highly renowned and prosperous
  • Has a tragic flaw (ex. Jealous)
  • Recognizes his error and accepts the consequences
  • Arouses the audience's pity and fear

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(Mr. Boland's PowerPoint Notes)

Oct 13th 2009

period 3


Tragedy of Macbeth

  • Set in Scotland
  • Written for King James l (formerly of Scotland, now England)
  • Queen of Denmark (Jame's sister) Was visiting
  • Shakespeare researched The Chronicles- Banque is an ancestor of King James I
The Charcters

King Duncan of Scotland

  • Murdered by cousin Macbeth
  • Honest and good

Malcolm & Donalbain

  • Sons of the king
  • Malcolm is the eldest son


  • Duncan's most courageous general
  • Ambition to become king corrupts him causing him to murder Duncan








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shakespeare's 'Macbeth'







Lady Macbeth-


FAV Quote: "They met me in the day of successs"



-Casting a spell

-deserted heath




-Gets a report on the battle with king of Norway

-Kings Army is ahead, falls behind

-Macbeth + Banguo courage victorious

-Macbeth duels king Sweno of Norway and king Cawdor

"They want peace but with a price: "Now, king Sweno of Norway is suing for peace. We wouldn't let him bury his dead till he'd paid ten thousand pounds at inchcolme"

(Macbeth p27 |Act one, scene 2|)


Prefiguring: Hear about a character prior to meeting or interacting with that character.









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The Hero Quest

-Mr. Boland

Classicial and British literature



Archetypes: Are "constantly repeating characters or energies which occur in dream of all people and the myths of all cultures" (Vogler 10).



This stage "signifies that destiny has summoned the hero... from the pale of society to the zone of the unknown" (Campbell 58)


|Spirit Guide|

"Someone who would give advice or gives equipment"



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