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3 Paragraphs for FILM.doc

3 Paragraphs for FILM

Alex J Keegan


Oct 22, 2009

Title: The Unknown Happenings

    Beautiful Summer’s day, Cool crisp morning, sun reflecting off of passing cars. The Scene starts with a lot of people walking on the sidewalk, basically, most in much of a hurry trying to get to there jobs. Camera goes into slow motion as this one person stares at one of the kids on the steps to the apartment complex. The Boy then notices the watch on her wrist, the time on the wrist watch is going backwards, the boy then looks at his watch, it had stopped as if it were frozen. The Sudden Slow motion finally catches up to him with full force, as if gotten hit by a car that was going most likely too fast. Within this whole episode, it feels as if it was already the evening. The Darkness unfolding, the cold air, the street lights going on as the shadows of the skyscrapers become larger and stronger. The boy looks back to where the woman once stood, she was gone. Still everything around him was in slow motion, but his actions, movements...were normal as if nothing had ever happened.


Students are all in the classroom, a normal school day, the great school smells like, chalk dust, moldy lunches that truly expired a century ago or even longer then that. Everyone in the room is sparking up there own conversations. Noah, the main character is looking out the window and up at the blue sky, waiting and imagining something amazing happening. Then one of Noah's friends calls to him, non-responsive, the look on his face, the many thoughts running through him. Loud knock on the classroom door brings Noah back into the real world. One of the teachers who Noah knew little about has this happy look on his face. Noah tries to hear what they are talking about but can't due to the chatter from other classmates.  They end there conversation with a nod, the other teacher turned and walks out of the classroom and out of sight. Teacher speaks commanding the class to go to the meeting hall with the other classes for this special guest speaker. Noah is the last one out of the classroom, a quick pause, he goes back into the room and gets his book bag. As everyone else goes to the meeting hall, Noah roams the halls and finds a room that is very weird. The Room temperature is very cold, empty room with one picture on the wall, there is nothing in the picture, only a white wall. "So very Silent, nothing but the sound of his feet clapping the ground he stands on. The Space in the room seems to expand, the sound of him breathing echos throughout the entire room. Noah then walks over to the empty picture frame and places both hand beyond the frame. The camera then goes to a side angle and Noah is found on the ground with his hands in the same place where he had put them beyond the picture frame but this time he is on the ground.

    The excessive amout of heat, building up, Noah looking at his watch, which had caught on fire, but he was not getting burned, the burning sensation building for there is nowhere to hide from the inferno. A voice calling to Noah, He turns, Darkness everywhere he could see, Fire embers sparking here and there, The Smell of burnt wood in every direction, the smell of dirt, polluting the air around him, a struggle to escape the sight, the smell, the pain. Starts running in the direction of the cold air, fog rolling in, the visibility shorter then 2 feet. The sight of him slipping and falling, there was a cliff with rocks and a long trip down. Noah realizing he wasn't dead, opens his eyes to be greeted by a layer of glass catching him from falling. He cups his hand together and faces the bottom and looks down to see nothing. Backs off and then looks to one side of the glass, there he could see the image that should have been on the bottom where he could have met death, but to the strange event, the image was on the ceiling.  Thinking to himself: "What does any of this even mean? Why am i even here? What am i suppose to do?" Light go dark as the day comes to and end. His adventure is far from over, it has actual meaning, and there is more to come...

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