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To me a Beacon student is interesting. Everybody has their own style and opinions. They don’t get judged for anything that they say or do. We are all very friendly. Nobody really has any enemies. We all get along. We are all individuals too, we are our own person and most of us don’t care what people have to say about us because we have our own judgment. A Beacon student is also very creative we are based on three arts and everybody that is in this school is very talented in what they do.

A Culinary student is what I like to call a "cooktastic", everyone in culinary learns new things everyday. We create a lot of different desserts, meals, breakfast things. We are also very inventive when we are brainstorming things to cook we come up with some great things. It could be a family tradition or something and we will try to make it and put it out there for the school to try, most of the people will voice their opinions, but that is good in a way because we have to know what the customers like so that we can give them what they like.

I am a very talented person. I love to cook that is why I am in the culinary program at school. I like to be in there so i can express myself in the kitchen. I am also very caring. I care about peoples problems that is why a lot of my friends like talking to me because I am a good listener...and I also will give them my opinion on the situation or I’ll give them advice. My hopes and dreams are to be a marine biologist....the only thing is that I don’t think college is for me. Maybe that will change but for now I am just looking forward to getting out of high school. I just hope that whatever I choose to do it will be the right choice for me.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.