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Jason Robert LeClair is an honors graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA. His BFA in Media and Performing arts has not deterred his original love for the visual arts.

Mr. LeClair has been quoted, "As an illustrator, my goal is to find a certain amount of whimsical dementia in all of my pieces." This much is certain as the viewer will find absurdity and detail galore in Mr. LeClair's work.

His award-winning surreal drawings are dreamscapes and photo assemblies that intrigue and perplex the viewer to find hidden and double images within.  The abstract paintings of this artist center not on flattening the plane but rather accentuating the three-dimensionality of random events and chaos.  

Mr. LeClair's experiments and endeavors in the two-dimensional realms continue as his inspirations grow and his love of all arts drives his media in all forms.

As a teacher, Mr. LeClair believes in the studio of the mind.  Bringing forth the five physical senses and the elusive emotions attached to each in order to achieve catharsis for the student/artist.  When acceptance of vision is achieved by the individual and not the exterior influences of the world, the studio in the mind can generate great works then the task is achieving the fruition these works so deserve.  "The only thing that prevents you from doing anything is yourself." is a frequent quote from Mr. LeClair to his proteges.  Please comment on any of the digication pages or use the comments section for any questions you may have.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.