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In my English class, we were required to right a persuasive essay for or against a certain subject. I decided I would write my essay on genetic engineering, and try to persuade the class into believing that it is morally right and should be a legal practice. I used Microsoft Word, and numerous sources of information on the Internet. I  do not believe I did very good on the presentation, as I had many weaknesses. While presenting I lost my place, and could not answer many of the questions asked afterwards. I do believe I had some strengths as well, I think that I was very clear with where I stood on the subject,  and did a good job on the PowerPoint.










The grade that I got on this project was an 82%. I was proud of my grade because I normally do not do well on presentations. I think that I can work on the preperation of assignments in the future. Even though I recieved a high grade, I wish that I had been more prepared for the questions at the end of my presentation. Even though I did make some mistakes, I am proud of how I completed this project and the grade that I recieved. 

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